Here goes nothing

This is my first attempt at a blog or writing of any kind, really. I’ve been told that it is a good way to get my thoughts out and typing is faster than writing so I’m going to try a blog and not a journal. I may be a little impatient.

As of yet, L is the only person who knows about the possibility of a blog. I think she has earned that right by letting me live in her house, essentially for free. And feeding me. I eat A LOT so that is no easy task. You will probably read more about her family here, life is never dull around the house.

I have not entirely decided what this blog will be about, as the headline says, “A glimpse into the random musings of my mind” is about as specific as I can be. I recently learned to verbalize more specifically how my mind works, although I am not sure that has done anything but confirm that I am even more strange than everyone thought.

So a little about me. My mind is always thinking and going in about 10 different directions. I can’t really explain fully but it is basically like 10 different ping pong balls bouncing around my head at any given moment. It is definitely exhausting at times, but it also allows me to process through a lot of information and see patterns. I love to work out. Soccer has always been my first love, but running keeps me sane. I recently started playing tennis and I love it. I love challenging myself in new ways and getting better. I am highly competitive. I don’t show it as much as I used to, but to me, life is a competition and if you’re not first, you’re last. That may sound harsh, but it is part of what drives me. One of my pet peeves is when guys ease up when playing sports against girls. It is insulting and annoying. Other than when I am playing sports, I am pretty laid back.

I think I have written enough for my first post, probably too much, but I am new at this so I will cut myself some slack as I learn blogging etiquette.


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