Education Factory

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I have to give credit to M today for introducing me to this video which analyzes the current system of education. It is by far the best analysis that I have seen of the motivations, development and effects of our current education system with a little bit of witty sarcasm mixed in for color. If you are a visual learner this will really appeal to you or maybe you’re just a nerd like me and enjoy educational videos about education. Either way, it is worth the 11 minutes of time.

Here is the link:

I hope you laugh out loud randomly like I did. While at work. But I promise, it did apply to another video I am working on. Mostly.

2 thoughts on “Education Factory

  1. Thanks. Great discussion. I understand that ADHD does not exist as a diagnosis in Europe, and education styling is much more culturally based there than here.

  2. “It seems to me that the incidence of ADHD has risen in parallel with the growth of standardized testing.” (~5:00)

    “We still educate children by batches.”

    “Most great learning happens in groups. Collaboration is the stuff of growth.”

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