D Fam Jam

As many of you know, I am currently living with the D family. They have 2 precious little girls, ages 9 and 7. S and E keep all of us laughing pretty much every day. I have spent almost the entire weekend with the D family (sans while I was a hermit and feeding my latest obsession, 24) and it has been awesome. L seems to think that their family is boring, but as evidenced by my lack of social interaction when left alone, for me, their lives are quite exciting and interesting.

I did take a break on Friday and go to a soccer game with some of the girls I coach in high school soccer. We went to watch 2 of the most recent graduates of MHS play for their respective collegiate teams. On my way out, S asks me where I am going to which I reply, “to a soccer game.” She quickly tells me that I am not dressed to go to a soccer game. Apparently there is a dress code to attend soccer games that I was unaware of.* Despite my best attempt to convince them otherwise, my sister and mom are also convinced that I am forever committing fashion many faux pas because I prefer shorts and a t-shirt to “real clothes.” I think E and S believe the same thing because when I was getting ready for church this morning, S asked me if I was going to “actually dress up or just wear jeans again.” Maybe I do need to dress up more.

I think I'll find a dress like this to appease the fashion critics in my life.

On Saturday L, S and I went to the Upstate Women’s Show and had a great time. We got to see lots of beautiful jewelry, enjoy some delicious and all natural juice and generally enjoyed each others company. Later that evening L and I went for a walk around the neighborhood after dinner. I am so thankful for her friendship and perspective – more as a big sister than parent 😉 I highly recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to live with another family do so, particularly if you are in college or a recent grad. I have learned so much about families, life and have just enjoyed getting to know people who are not in the age range of 18-22.

This is just a glimpse into my weekend, nothing too exciting, but I heard that Skytop Orchard now has apples ready to pick so hopefully I will be heading up there soon!

*I was later corrected and informed that she thought that I was going to play soccer and so that is why I was dressed inappropriately. Nevertheless, at the time L, K and I had a good laugh.

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