Writer’s Block

I am now experiencing writer’s block outside of an academic setting for the first time. Each time I sit down to write something on this blog, I am stymied by my own mind. I have a few ideas, but nothing seems to turn out right once I decide to actually write. I’m not entirely sure why that is, but alas it is the case. I haven’t really planned on making this blog about my daily life, but that seems to be the only thing coming to mind to write about, boring as that may be. To this I say, at least I warned you.

AD is currently fostering 2 kittens, which kinda means that we are fostering 2 kittens. I am not usually a cat person, but I actually like these 2 munchkins, provided they don’t claw or pee on any of my stuff (which thankfully has not happened yet).

I have run out of books to read. I also have no room in my apartment to put books (If you have a bookshelf you would like to donate please let me know, I would be glad to take it off of your hands) If you are feeling generous, please feel free to send me one of the following books that currently tops my book list: Tattoos on the Heart, Run Less, Run Faster, Generous Justice, As We Forgive. I am also always looking for new books to read so send your recommendations my way. All genres, subjects, authors accepted. For your own book buying might I suggest Better World Books. They offer a great selection of books, prices competitive to Amazon, and they donate a portion of funds to libraries and literacy programs. Yay reading!

I am discovering a love of ebay and discount shopping. I recently purchased a patagonia fleece for less than half the price online! Part of this thrill is a competition with myself and others to see who can get the lowest price, even if that person exists only in cyber world (see this post for more on that) and part of it is a natural outcome of removing myself from my parents payroll. Hooray for independence. Actually, I do love “making it on my own” even if that just means paying bills. There is a unique feeling that comes from providing for myself and taking responsibility. Thanks Mom and Dad for preparing me for that next step.

I have also discovered a love for decorating and DIY projects, although the DIY is just in theory as I have yet to do-anything-myself. Pinterest has certainly fueled this latest obsession, as does the fact that I have my own apartment. Have I mentioned that already??? It has become overly apparent that I am a “nester.” I love being at home, wherever home may be, and I need to have my own space. Even if that is a 12’x12′ space, as long as it is decorated to my taste (ie: blue – more on that later). If you have any cheap and easy DIY projects for a newbie like me please let me know – I am ready to decorate for the Fall and Holidays (yes, the H is capitalized on purpose. Your welcome, Moz) and need some ideas.

I think that should be all for now. I am rambling and we all know there are few things worse than being stuck in a conversation with a rambler. Tschüss.

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