A Home Tour

Last night while writing despite my “writer’s block” I decided that I could give you a tour of my first apartment. It is not much, but there is something exciting about having a “My First Apartment” story now. I am excited to be living here with AD; who, coincidentally, was also my roommate sophomore year of college. It is definitely a work in progress but it is fun nonetheless.

The dining space*

I hung the curtains myself. Unfortunately, they are crooked 😦 However, I think this will make a good “My First Apartment” story down the road.

The living room

The pictures are a little dark because there is a massive window that leads to the porch, but trust me in reality, the room is very bright. We also have several large blank walls so if you have any artwork that you would like to donate, or more likely, know a good place where we can get large, yet inexpensive pieces let me know! As my Mom and Aunt said: “The walls are an institutional beige color” – not a good thing.

The TINY kitchen

My bedroom

This room also looks very dark, but in reality it is quite bright and cheerful. This is largely thanks to my Aunt and Mom who painted my room for me.

This nightstand is the only book space I have and if you look closely, you can see that it is already full and I don’t even have all of my books up here and there are books stored under my bed too. The bed is actually my great grandmother’s which is really cool for me. It was also made during a time when mattresses were A LOT smaller than they are now. Consequently, my bed is VERY tall. I have to jump to get into it.

That is pretty much all. I left out the bathrooms because they are not interesting and AD’s room because I want to respect her space, but I hope you enjoyed the tour. Come visit us!

*I use the term space instead of room because there is no defined barrier between this space and the kitchen/living area


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