Life happenings.

Here is a little recap/update of what is going on in my life:

1. My sister is coming home in 11 days. To say that I am excited would be putting it mildly.

2. I love the way Tim Keller writes. He takes big theological ideas like The Reason for God and breaks them down simply. I am currently reading Generous Justice and it poignantly emphasizes the need and motivations for justice.

3. I am so thankful for my family, with whom I was able to spend 5 days with over Thanksgiving.

4. I also read The Hunger Games books over Thanksgiving. I think I will do a book review soon. I definitely enjoyed reading them. They are all quite easy to read (I finished all 3 in less than 2 days) with basic social commentary as well as some indirect commentary on human nature.

That’s all for now!


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