She’s home!

Sorry, I couldn't resist the awkward solo shot

That’s right, folks, my sister has finally returned from Spain! We picked her up from the airport on Friday evening and I had the fortunate opportunity to spend the weekend at home with her (and the rest of my family, of course). We were even able to pull of a surprise party in honor of my Mom’s 10th, 40th birthday 😉

A while ago I posted that she was leaving for Spain and how much I was going to miss her. Well, I had no idea just how much that statement would prove to be true. Ironically, I did not miss my family hardly at all while I was abroad (sorry fam), but I sorely missed my sister while she was abroad. It is hard to believe that she has been gone for over 3 months, in many ways it seems like I was just driving to Charlotte to see her off from the airport. What has changed is how mature and confident she is. (She will probably hate this post now more than the 8ft welcome sign I held up in the airport)

Lindsey, Moz, McGee, Luna, Louis here’s to you, kid. I love laughing with you, talking with you (most of the time, just not at 2am when I am exhausted and have already talked for 2 hours), quoting TV shows with you, making fun of you – a lot, pestering you and just being with you. Thanks for being my best friend. I think you’re pretty awesome.

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