Postgrad Life

A few months ago I entered the new frontier known only to me as “Adult World,” I knew that my life was about to change. I was fortunate to be living under the shelter of my parents for 22 years and it was finally time to branch out on my own. I started assuming responsibility for my bills, making my own money (perhaps that should be listed first), managing my life – grocery shopping, car maintenance, dishwasher and toilet repair, purchasing (and repairing) internet, etc. I was excited, albeit a little nervous. My parents have gradually pushed me to this stage, allowing me to assume incremental responsibility to prepare me for “Adult World” (Also known as “Real Life”). I was confident that I could do it, although equally confident that I would make mistakes. Fortunately, to date, there have been minimal mistakes, I think.

One thing I have learned is that I HATE. HATE. HATE. dealing with internet/cable companies. There is only one company that services my apartment complex and it rhymes with “barter” I receive about a call every 2 weeks asking me if I want to “upgrade,” “add a phone line” or a variety of other products. The answer is and always will be, NO. No, I don’t need a landline. NO ONE USES A LANDLINE ANYMORE. Welcome to the 21st century. In case I am traversing a remote location around the world where there is no cell service I will gladly exchange my phone for a few moments, days, weeks of freedom. This reality too, is shrinking since rural Kenyan farmers now can pay their bills via their cellphone.

However, despite some minor mishaps and frustrations, I am enjoying life as a post-grad. I have a good job (now 2, but more on that in a separate post), great friends and a lot of freedom. I will admit though, there are days when I REALLY miss having dinner already made when I get home, which is sometimes after 8:30/9. There have been (too many) days when cereal was my breakfast AND dinner. Whoops. I still maintain that breakfast for dinner, also known as “brinner” is one of my favorite meals, although preferably more than just cereal 🙂

More posts will follow, but the wireless router is currently not working and I have been told that I can pay a mere $199.98 to have unlimited help for a year! Umm, no thank you. Your device broke, YOU should fix it. FO’ FREE. Now, make me a sandwich. Alas, I will post them when I get to a place with wireless because I refuse to subject myself to the neandertholic practice of hooking up to an Ethernet cable. Sheesh.

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