Glorious Monotony*

I recently read the phrase “Glorious Monotony” and it has stuck with me ever since. So much of my (our?) life is just that – glorious monotony.

When I was but a young lass, dreaming of big adventures for my life with all of the idealism of an inexperienced and spry college student (9 months ago), I was certain that I was called to live a big, adventurous life. I love change, I adapt easily and I enjoy learning new cultures – all of which were sure signs that I was called to the greatness of self-inflicted poverty, joyfully “slumming it” in service to God that-is-a-little-bit-more-spiritual-than-your-life-in-the-suburbs. Instead, I am living in South Carolina, the same state I have lived in my whole life, working at a church (which I never thought I would do), actually making a livable wage (read: I am no longer dependent on my parents and these things that I’m told are bills keep showing up in my mailbox – weird), and my life is mostly easy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I am getting to do things and be challenged in ways that most 22-year olds are not, but I am not adopting 13 Ugandan orphans or anything über cool like that. I always struggle to answer the question: “So what is going on in your life?” In college, I always had something new and exciting going on, but now I wake up, go to work, go to practice or work out and then go home. Not a whole lot else is going on. Often I think: “Am I doing enough? Surely there has to be something exciting I can talk about.” After all, there are millions of people without clean water, who have never heard the name of Jesus and there are thousands of kids in need of adoption right here in the US. I am quick to think that, “the more normal it is, the less spiritual.” However, if I cannot work on a day-to-day basis faithfully with the responsibilities already in my life, why should I be trusted to translate the Bible into a previously unwritten language?

My imagination (and a little bit of my heart) is captured when I hear people speak about their work reaching Muslims in Iraq and Turkey. I almost immediately wonder, “should I be doing that?” I am willing to go, but am I willing to stay? What does obedience look like right now in my life?

The tagline of this blog says, “an ordinary girl living an extraordinary life.” A little bit of wishful thinking on my behalf, perhaps, but I think it is true. The Lord has blessed me in incredible ways. I can honestly say that He has (and I believe still is) directed my life in a way that I would have never dreamed for myself and that is EXCITING. A year ago I would never pictured my life today and I imagine the same will be said in another year. God’s plans, imagination and sense of adventure are so much greater than what I could ever dream up.

Perhaps glorious monotony is a good thing after all.

*I totally stole this phrase from another blog, but I love it nonetheless.


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