Full disclosure

Full disclosure: You will probably lose a little bit of intelligence by reading this post. You will almost definitely lose a little respect for me.

Many of my posts recently have been about weighty thoughts on my mind, which is all well and good; however, that is not all that is on my mind. You see, I think I may have given some of you the wrong impression so when I say “I am always thinking,” you thinkShe is always thinking deep and weighty thoughts.”

Now, I am tempted to let you think that except for this pesky thing that keeps happening. You see, every time I get a “big head” as grandmas are want to say, I am clobbered by a big dose of humility. Ouch. My noggin is feeling a little sore recently. Allow me give you a glimpse inside my mind yesterday (and perhaps spare myself from eating humble pie-I hear it goes straight to your hips):

Ouch. This hurts. (3 steps into my jog) I wonder if I will see anyone I know? I’m sure I look ridiculous and miserable and I always see someone I know when I run near my apartment…
(10 minutes later)…Oh Hiiii Mr.-Pastor-Guy-also-know-as-my-boss. It is soooo good to see you out here on this fine day when I am looking oh so professional and not at all like an angry former sorority girl running to maintain some semblance of sanity because every bone and muscle in my body hurts and I am only 22. Smile. Pretend like you are a decent human being not wanting to strangle the nearest small child. Have a good night! Smile…
(30 minutes later)…Hey! I could write a blog on this stuff. Genius.
I told you this could get boring.

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