I am my Mother’s daughter.

It’s happening. I am becoming my mother. Or should I say I am my mother. It seems that the adage about daughters turning into their mothers is true. However, this is a GOOD THING. mostly. 🙂 You see, my Mom is pretty awesome. Honest. Friends used to call my house – yes, I had a cell phone (eventually), but we had terrible service in my house so if you called my cell phone it was always a race to say “let-me-call-you-back-on-my-house-phone-because-my-phone-doesn’t-work-in-the-house” before the call dropped so eventually my friends just called the house and would sometimes ask to talk to my Mom, not me. I mean, I’m totally over it now, it’s not like it was a slap in the face to an already hormonal teenager or anything. But that should tell you the level of her awesomeness. So in honor of Mother’s Day I wrote an acrostic poem about my mom. Hopefully it will make her cry because if I have to cry all the time now, then so does everyone else!

M – My, you’re an awesome Mom
O – Oh my! You’re an awesome Mom
M – Mention did I that you are an awesome Mom?

In all honesty, I would not be who I am today without her (you can judge for yourself if that’s a compliment or not). She is one of the strongest women of God I know. She is incredibly wise, yet humble and gives wholly of herself to her family. She taught me the importance of listening by staying up until 2am to talk with me many a night in High School. She models humble strength daily. She loves and respects my Dad. She knows and loves God’s Word and taught me how to study it. She calls me out on my sin. So here’s to you, Mom, thanks for everything. I hope that one day I can be even half the woman that you are.

Happy Mother’s Day to all and to all a good night, err day!

3 thoughts on “I am my Mother’s daughter.

  1. Taylor I agree with you 100% about your Mom. She is one of the greatest women I have ever had the pleasure and blessings to know. She is all that you said and more. I wish everyday that I had the opportunity to live closer to her just to be in her presence more. She has taught me so much and her job still is not complete. I love her more than I can say. What a great and tough as nails sister I have!! Love you my beautiful niece.

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