That’s right. I just hash-tagged a title. Deal with it.

OK, so earlier I promised that my friend and I would blog at The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference. Well, that didn’t exactly happen. We were too busy having our minds melted. If you follow me on twitter then you know that I was pretty much having my mind blown all weekend. We spotted Don Carson and Tim Keller before the conference started. I also have a girl crush on Paige Benton Brown. She pretty much rocked my world. No joke. SO, I will follow through on my blogging promise, sort of. I am going to try and write a blog on each plenary session, both to fulfill a promise and to make sure that I allow all of the teaching to sink in. You see, my girl Paige (yes, we’re that tight now) prayed that we would not just be smarter sinners after the conference, but that we would leave changed. Talk about knowing how to pray for nerds! As Nancy Leigh DeMoss said, good theology should lead to good doxology and transformation.

I apologize for the exaggerated hyperbole (From the Department of Redundancy Department).

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