River, River, River

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but I like the picture and this is my blog and I’ll post pictures if I want to!

You may have noticed it has been a while since I have written anything or you may not have noticed. I’m pretty excited when more than 10 people read this blog in a day. This summer has been crazier than most, but then again when does summer (or life for that matter) ever really slow down?

Because I am a learner (or an adrenaline junkie, you pick) I have picked up a new hobby, kayaking! I absolutely LOVE it. I taught kayaking at camp to a bunch of 11 and 12 year old girls a few years ago so I know the basic strokes and I am pretty comfortable in a boat, but that was in a dinky lake and this is on the river river river! Paddling on the river may be the most therapeutic thing for my psychotic non-stop brain. Almost everything disappears when I am going down the river and I LOVE it. Have I mentioned that I LOVE it? I’ve also started listening to banjo music on a semi-consistent basis; giving a whole new meaning to the phrase: “Paddle faster, I hear banjo music”

Basically what I’m saying is, if you have a boat, helmet, paddle, skirt, or PFD (that’s personal floatation device for all of you non-kayaking experts) that you’d like to give away, I’d be more than happy to take them off your hands. I’d also love to paddle with you sometime if you’re so inclined. Perhaps this will become the next facebook for paddling…OK, perhaps not, but if you know me and want to hit the river let me know!

I also almost definitely promise I’ll be back to a more regular writing schedule from here on out.

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