Growing Up is Hard to Do

Much like ninjas, these friends can make you cry almost instantly.

Remember that time I cried? or the time I became a full-fledged, card-carrying crier? Well, I’m back at it. It doesn’t really matter why, but apparently it is still a good thing. Or so I am told.

Do you have those friends who will ask you how you are and as soon as you answer you start crying? You didn’t even know you were upset, but something about the way they ask, the genuine concern they feel for you, or maybe they’ve just been trained to make people cry in 10 seconds or less; whatever the reason, you cry. Well, I’ve got a couple of those people in my life. I love them. I love talking with them. I love listening to them because well, they’re pretty awesome. What I DON’T love is when they have super freaky insight and say things that make me rethink everything I thought. You may remember that I don’t do well with that.

Anyhoo, my grand realization at lunch today was that I can’t be a 19 year old Young Life leader forever. Brilliant, I know. I have to grow up, accept new challenges and responsibilities. I have to lead differently. I have to start making the hard, sometimes lonely decisions because that’s what is good for other people. Here’s the thing, I like being a 19 year old Young Life leader. It suits my personality. It’s fun. It’s cool. I know what to do. What I don’t know is how to not be a 19 year old Young Life leader.

I guess we all know what y’all are going to be reading about over the next few months as I we figure this out together. Yippee!!!

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