On the Move: Settled and Restless

One good part of moving was having so many friends to help!

One good part of moving was having so many friends to help!

Remember when I said I was going to start blogging again? Well, it turns out November came with a fury and I had zero time to do anything but look for a new house, new car, clean, pack, clean, pack, clean, pack, unpack, clean, you get the idea…

It turns out, our former landlord didn’t pay the mortgage so our house was foreclosed and sold at auction while we were living there and paying rent. Crazy, I know. After 2 weeks of frantically trying to find a new place, researching our rights as tenants (turns out we could have stayed through the end of our lease), deciding to move so we could be “settled” again, I left to go out of the country and then home for Thanksgiving. When I returned, we moved into a new house. Writing on the blog was about number 423 on my to do list.

However, we are settled, at least settled enough. We found a new house. We like it. We’re planning what to paint and trying to catch our breath before Christmas. Since we’ve moved, I’ve felt very restless. I know, I just said we were settled, but that was physical, I’m now talking emotional.

I’m fighting to feel permanent, even if that’s only temporarily. See what I mean…

Since moving out of my parents house at 18 I have not lived anywhere more than 9 months. I’ve moved at least 13 times in 6 years. I’m probably forgetting a few places, but you get the idea. Our last house felt like home quickly and then it was ripped away. A lot of great things have come from it, like a bigger house with lower rent in a better area, but I still feel restless. I am a nester. I need to feel like I have a place to come home and rest, a space that is stress free and a place where I can decompress.

Our last house was that place. The side porch saw many tears, journaling, and emotions in general. This new house still doesn’t feel right. It feels like just another landing place until we move again. I’m not entirely sure what I need to do to change that feeling, so for now, I’m stuck mucking through it. You can pray that I (really, all of us) will feel settled and content where we are now. That this house will become home and we will continually become better roommates to each other.

4 thoughts on “On the Move: Settled and Restless

  1. You are definitely being prayed over! Moving is hard and through it God really teaches us that this life is temporary and our true “home” is with Him. Praying for peace during the hear and now for you and all of your sweet roommates. Love to you!!!!!

    • Thank you Lori! Moving down the street is certainly much easier than moving to another country – I have a greater appreciation for all the transition y’all have endured the past year!

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