Still Worth It?

Over the past few months my interest in adoption and fostering has grown tremendously*. As a result, I’ve been reading more first person accounts of the adoption process. I came across this article this morning from The Gospel Coalition and I would encourage you to read the full article here.

When all we knew of Lucy was four pictures, a video, and a limited medical file, the words “She’s worth it” flowed easily. Worth the paperwork, worth the adoption fees, worth whatever it would take to mean she was ours. My husband and I knew it would be hard, that it would change our family forever, but we emphatically claimed that she was worth it all.

Now that statement was being tested. 

Was she worth being separated from the rest of my family indefinitely? Was she worth the legal battles, the hours on the phone with congressmen, senators, and the State department? Was she worth the enormous stress? Read More

*I am running a marathon on October 25 in Greenville, SC to raise support for Astor. Astor is being adopted by my friends, Eric and Blythe. You can learn more about their adoption story(ies) on their blog or donate towards the cost of their adoption. You can also learn more about why I’m running here.


2 thoughts on “Still Worth It?

    • Delana, thanks for sharing part of your story! It is so encouraging to hear honest and hopeful accounts of adoption – including the difficulties! Congratulations on the adoption of your daughter 🙂

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