Selfies and Nerves

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I have a new theory – as nerves increase, so do selfies. OK, maybe not so much a theory, but a self-fulfilling prophesy. Tomorrow, I’m running a marathon to help bring this boy home*. Selfies are likely.

At the same time, other families I am connected to are experiencing loss, including miscarriage. There is joy, hope, excitement to bring home Astor, but the reality of loss and what could have been weighs heavy too.

With both excitement and grief, I will run this marathon tomorrow. For Astor, there is hope. Hope he will soon be home with his family. Hope he will grow strong in love and fear of the Lord. For the other families, there is hope, but it runs a little deeper and is a little harder to find. Hope in God who is sovereign and merciful. Hope for strength for tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.

I haven’t run more than 18 miles yet and I’m a little nervous about the last 8 miles, but regardless of the outcome there is a bigger purpose. As competitive as I am, I know I’m not running just to PR (though that is a guarantee since it’s my only marathon 😉 ) or break a certain time in my head, but I am running to support and raise awareness for a family to bring home their son. They work tirelessly filling out adoption papers, preparing for home study’s, traveling and leaving kids behind, and more than everything else carrying the emotional ups and downs of adoption.

So yes, I am nervous for tomorrow. It will be a long day. However, my 26.2 miles is nothing compared with the process of adoption and so, I will run.

*It’s not too late to support Astor’s adoption! You can click here to donate online – instructions on the left sidebar.

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