Running the Race

Marathon Finisher

Almost there! Mile 26.1

Y’all, I did it! I finally finished a marathon*!!! Overall, it went about as good as could be expected. I had some AMAZING friends and family cheering me on – shout out to my family, Madei, Sloan, Torres, Carrie, and Alli – THANK YOU!!!

I’ve posted a few thoughts at the Grace Church Women’s Blog so pop on over to read more:

At one point during the race, around mile 18, my hips seized up and running became extremely painful. For the next 4 miles I did a walk/run combination and admittedly, felt a bit sorry for myself. I had already run farther than I ever run before and I still had more to go. Around mile 22 my attitude began to change. My hips hurt whether I ran or walked so I decided to run just to finish sooner. I remembered what I said previously – namely that miles 18-26 were going to be a gut check no matter what. I could still enjoy the process even in the pain.

*It’s not too late to support Astor’s adoption! You can click here to donate online – instructions on the left sidebar.

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