Wreckless and On Fleek.


Photo Courtesy @gracechurchsc Instagram

I spent this past weekend at The Woodlands, a camp in Georgia, with 400 high school students. I was there with my d-group girls to spend time together, eat cheeseballs, study God’s Word, eat cheeseballs, shoot foam rockets, play mofia, and eat cheeseballs.

One truth became abundantly clear this weekend –  I have definitively passed from cool, young leader to old, not-so-cool leader and I’m guessing the change happened about the time I turned 25. For the first time, I was asking students  to explain their slang. Words like “on fleek,” “salty,” and “ratchet” were all new. Here’s to getting old, y’all.

Our retreat theme this year was “Prodigal”, based off the parable in Luke 15 of the Prodigal Sons. The story is set so it’s easy to see the wrecklessness of the younger brother, but more subtle is the equally selfish wrecklessness of the older brother.

The scandal that good works don’t lead to a relationship with God is a difficult concept for many within and outside the church. As my girls rightly identified, our culture is set up at every level to award achievement and grade accomplishments. Still crazier is God’s wreckless love for both sons – despite their actions and heart. In both cases we see the Father abandon cultural norms to pursue his sons where they are. Perhaps this is why this parable, in particular, remains a favorite for so many people like me. Despite my wreckless license or wreckless good works, the Father pursues with wreckless love. This is great news for a me, a diagnosed achiever.

I’m thankful for the many staff, leaders, and volunteers who gave their time to remind me and my girls the truth of God’s wreckless love and pursuit.

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