On Moving (Again…and Again)


Squat deep, life heavy – especially on moving day.

4 girls. 3 houses. 9 round trips. For someone who has moved a lot…more than 15 times in the last 7 years I’ve sure accumulated a LOT of stuff. Like most people, before I moved, I would have said I don’t have too much stuff. After all, this last house was a record home stay for me – 12 months!!!

I tend to be a purger – if it does not have an immediate purpose then it’s gone. In this way, my lack of sentimentality is helpful come moving time, but detrimental when it comes to creating memories. I dislike clutter and with moving so much, I have been hesitant to put down too many roots.

Still, moving day came and there was a LOT of stuff. Between the 4 of us we made 9 round trips (that is, as a group, that number does not include the little trips we took individually to our houses) with 1 suburban, several sedans, 1 U-haul, and 2 trailers loaded with our stuff. It’s days like these I am blown away by the generosity of my friends – many of whom have helped me move 2 or 3 times! They give their time, energy, and most helpfully – their brute strength – to make the pain of moving (again) a little less painful.

By the end of the day on Saturday after moving for 2 days straight, I was immensely thankful for great friends and Crossfit – let’s hear it for functional movements!

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