Welcome 2015! Goals for the New Year

Dreamy, future oriented photo for goals post? check!

Dreamy, future oriented photo for goals post? check!

I’ve mentioned my achieving personality many times before on this blog so it should come as no surprise that I love lists. More specifically, I love crossing items off lists. Last year, I created a new type of list for myself – yearly and monthly goals. I really enjoyed having something to look forward to each month – minus the months I totally forgot! – and I decided to continue the process again this year. I’m repeating some goals, trying to make them more into habits, some goals I didn’t complete last year and I’m trying again this year, and some are entirely new. So here’s to 2015 and all that will be in store!

I divided my goals in a couple of categories: first, yearly and monthly; then reading, personal, physical, and spiritual. This worked well last year and I like the balance it provides.


  • Read 100 books – an ambitious goal to say the least! I started a little early and have already read 3 that I’m counting towards 2015. I will also have several LONG flights in January/February that will aide in time directed to this goal! I will post my ever-changing reading list soon – there aren’t 100 books on it yet so you can help me get there!
  • Read at least two – 500+ page books – The Last Lion Series (on Winston Churchill) is already on my list. I don’t yet know what the 2nd book will be.


  • Read Bible through in 1 year – This has been a habit for several years now, but there are always new challenges and new rewards!
  • 1 solitude day – 8 hours per month, 1 solitude weekend (2 full days) per 6 month – a habit I started last year and LOVED. It definitely requires planning and commitment, but it was so worth it. I’m marking the days off for the whole year in January to encourage follow through.


  • Run 50 miler – YIKES! I ran a marathon in 2014 and now I need a new challenge. Surprisingly, 50 miles doesn’t scare me as much as 26 did. There is a race in July I have my eye on, depending how my training goes.
  • 10 minutes of yoga 2x per week – 50 mile race = lots of running = lots of stretching. I’m hoping this will ease soreness and prevent injury. I’ll also be continuing CrossFit and other cross training exercises and I’m thinking of taking up swimming again.


  • Complete goal per month (below)
  • Save $15,000 – the top goal on my list for 2016 is to buy a house so I’m going to be working and saving like crazy to make it happen!
  • Solitude 1x per month


January – Make bed every day – I’m hoping this becomes a long term habit.

February – Learn to solve a Rubik’s cube – I hear this is also a great party trick. – ed note: this one didn’t happen. I didn’t even buy a Rubik’s cube, oops!

March – Memorize 3 chapters of Scripture – this was on my list last year and I failed miserably so I’m trying again this year.

April – Master strict pull up – Also on my list last year. I’ve been working on it the past few weeks and I’m getting close!

May – Take a picture every day

June – Learn Hebrew letters

July – Run 50 mile race – Sadly, I broke my toe earlier this year and that really threw off my training. This one won’t happen this year 😦

August – Visit a museum (Greenville or elsewhere)

September – Take family out for fancy dinner, and pay! – I bought a house instead, so that counts, right?

October – Donate at least 1 trash bag of clothes

November – Floss every day

December – Pray daily for persecuted church

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