January Goals: A Review

breakfast2My goal for January was to make my bed every day. I’ve heard over and over again about the importance of starting each day with a small accomplishment like making your bed. This simple task starts the day right and puts you on the proper trajectory for the day. I love the idea of being able to start the day fresh and feeling accomplished. Not to mention, I have a little bit of OCD tendencies šŸ˜‰

Over the years I’ve learned I’m a convenient bed maker; meaning if it’s easy to make my bed then I will do it, if not then I won’t. Easy means not having my bed pushed up against a wall making it difficult to make the bed. Still, when January started I wasn’t sure how I would feel about making my bed every.single.day.

Well, I am here to say I did it! Not a day was missed in January. Along the way I learned a few things:

1. I really like having my bed made when I come home in the evening. It makes my whole room look cleaner and surprisingly, it makes me less likely to leave my clothes on the floor because my room already looks neat and I want to keep it that way.

2. There were days I didn’t want to make my bed, but knowing I had a goal made it easier to suck it up on those days. I also realized it takes less than 2 minutes of my day so really, is it so hard to do? No.

3. I think this will be a habit I continue. Though I won’t berate myself if I miss a day…

This wasn’t a difficult goal, but you might as well start with a win – amiright? The main point of my monthly goals is to challenge myself and grow be it physically, mentally, or spiritually. Some habits, knowledge, and strength will stick, some will not, but my hope is the process will overtime make me a more well rounded person. I’m also a nerd who loves challenges so it’s a nice way to satisfy the need for a challenge.

February’s goal is to learn to solve a rubik’s cube. Step 1: buy a rubik’s cube…


3 thoughts on “January Goals: A Review

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