Leftovers and Libraries


This is my bedside table…I may have a book problem.

Today, on this last day of the month, I am thankful for leftovers and libraries; both of which save my bank account and remind me of my dependence on others.

Grilled chicken and vegetable leftovers keep me from eating paleo cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today – thanks, Mom and Dad.

And libraries enable me to checkout and read books I wanted to read, but didn’t have in my budget to read. I’m on my way to reading 100 books this year and my new Greenville Library membership is by far the greatest factor in my success. In 2 visits the last 2 weeks, I’ve already checked out 14 books and read 5.5. Thanks Greenville Library!

I’m reminded that I cannot survive in a bubble. I love setting big, hairy, audacious goals (you can read more here), but I can’t do them alone – even something as simple as keeping a budget or reading a book requires me to depend on other people and systems for success.

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