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IMG_6261About me. For starters, I love Jesus. I know that I am an incredibly broken person; I’m ordinary, but God saved me from myself and has given me an extraordinary life.

I currently live in South Carolina. Oh, how I never saw that one coming! I love to think, listen, and learn. I love working out and sports of all kinds; currently, I enjoy running (read more here, here, and here) CrossFit (read more here or here), kayaking, tennis, and soccer. I am an avid reader – please send me book recommendations!

By day, I run an awesome non-profit, if I do say so myself. We provide training and no-interest loans for under-resourced entrepreneurs. I also coach varsity soccer (read more here, here, or here). I write as an outlet for my thoughts; some days they’re serious and sometimes I’m pretty goofy. You’ll get a little bit of everything here.

I love personality tests and the like. If you’re curious (or obsessive, like me) I’m an ENTJ/P (I split on the J and P whenever I take it), Connector/Provider, and my StrengthsFinder strengths are Learner, Achiever, Developer, Discipline, Individualization, Strategic, Relator, Command, and Analytical – though not necessarily in that order and I’m a lion with beaver tendencies on the DiSC test. Stereotype away!

Anything else you want to know, just ask!


29 thoughts on “About Me

  1. “The Bridge of San Luis Rey” by Thornton Wilder

    This book takes place in eighteenth century Peru, and some of the main characters include the Archbishop of Lima, an abbess, two orphaned brothers, a wealthy and aged aristocrat, a mysterious patron of the arts, and an earnest, yet ultimately confused and mistaken, monk. The story takes you deep into the hearts and minds of its characters and explores their interwoven relations. This novella deals in a rich and nuanced way with issues surrounding free will, predestination, the problem of evil, redemption, grace, communion, etc, and it does all that in only 107 pages!! It even won the Pulitzer Prize when it was published in 1928. It’s my favorite book!

      • I have not! That does sound riveting though! I shall have a pick up a copy on Amazon or the library. I just completed reading Pearl Harbor though.
        However, and please forgive me, I do fail to see how my comment correlates to your’s?

  2. OK, Please: no way to No. 1, 2,3, 6, 7,8, 9, 11, 16, 18, 19, 22, 23, 24.
    What: No. 17
    Impossible: No 13
    Yes: 4,5,10,12,20 and 21.
    I know; I have done all of these

  3. Loved and appreciated your response to 23 things! Young lives try so hard to be fulfilled with mindless goals. I surprisingly got married at 21 (truly a God-thing) and never wanted it planned on being in a serious relationship so young. But your list has been great for us, even as a married couple, to use and reflect on for this year’s goals. Thanks!

    Also- our book recommendations are Perelandra and Redeeming Love.
    A&S Stone

  4. Doktor Faustus by Thomas Mann is a great read in my opinion. Its originally a German text but there’s a great translation by John E. Woods.

    Year of Plenty by Craig L. Goodwin is great if you want to explore faithful choices in food/gifts/consumerism.

  5. I read one of your articles because of a friend. Based on your “About Me” section, here are a few books that are challenging and encouraging reads:

    “Sent” by Hillary Alan
    “The Hole in our Gospel” and “Unfinished” by Richard Stearns
    “Safely Home” by Randy Alcorn

  6. I stumbled across your blog. I’m impressed that there are people my age who share common goals and feelings. Perhaps it comes with time…? Or life experience? I’ve been wanting to start a blog for the same purposes you shared. I think you motivated me to finally jump off the “diving board” and into water. Life has presented an awesome opportunity for me to start as I travel to Jerusalem for the next 4 months. I hope to document and journal what I learn.

    Book suggestions (Based on what I like):
    -“Act in Doctrine” & “Increase in Learning” by David Bednar.
    -The Richest Man in Babylon
    -Any book from Malcolm Gladwell (Outliers, Blink, Tipping Point, David and Goliath)
    -Leadership and Self-Deception
    -Getting to Yes (*Brilliant read, especially in preparation for a family or marriage)

  7. recently read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, really enjoyed that one
    fiction wise: I love most of phillip k dick’s work – it’s super quick/short and very creative!
    good writing: all the pretty horses/the crossing/cities of the plane trilogy. A bit intense but the best writing ever imo.

  8. I like this blog. I rarely actually follow blogs but I think I will keep reading yours. Thanks for the good, God-inspired words. The best compliment I’ve ever gotten from a friend about mine is that it screams God and I think I can say the same about your blog. I look forward to reading more.

  9. The World is Not Ours to Save by Tyler Wigg-Stevenson. Incredible, challenging book that takes the social justice/missions/missional living conversation WAY deeper than the usual dialogue around the topic!

  10. Hey there!
    I just recently started reading your blog and I love it! It’s a real encouragement to me! Also, I noticed in a few of your posts you mentioned you’re are trying to learn Arabic. Currently I am in training to be an Arabic linguist in the military – I’m finally almost done! – and I wanted to let you know, I would love to help you learn it if you’d like! Just let me know if you’re interested! In the meantime, keep up the good work on this blog!


  11. Hi I’m new. My recommendation: Taylor Cadwell, “Médico de Cuerpos y Almas” or doctor of bodies and souls, I think. I really really nice book, if is in English, I hope, you should read it

    A hug from Mexico

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