What does it look like to live missionally?

I mentioned previously that there is something special that happens when leaders get together. Recently, I spent 6 days suffering in the Bahamas with a group of leaders. OK, so maybe we weren’t suffering, but I can assure you that we worked hard (though not nearly as hard as the Fastzskie Family that lives there as full-time missionaries).

The purpose of this trip was to equip leaders to live missionally. We tried to answer the question: What does it look like to live on mission for God on a daily basis? So often, we think of missions as something we do, not how we live, but if we are redeemed by God then His mission becomes our mission.

What does it mean to enter into covenant with someone? What do the symbols associated with covenants mean? One symbol we see in the covenant between Jonathan and David (1 Samuel 18) is the putting on of another’s robe. My cultural bias quickly skips over this act because I think: “OK, so Jonathan and David are like thousands of teenage girls who switch clothes. Big deal.” Wrong. To put on another’s robe is to assume their identity, to swear protection for them, their problems are now your problems, their possessions are your possessions and vice versa. Romans 13:14 tells us to “put on the Lord Jesus Christ” (ESV) and so enter into covenant with Him; His mission is now our mission. What does this mean for us as 21st century Americans?

As I have said, it is easy for me to imagine going to serve God in a faraway land, but what does missions look like staying? Initially, missions starts with changing my mind and attitude. My life is NOT about me, what I want, how I feel or what is in my best interest. There are opportunities every day for me to serve people; my roommate, my co-workers, my family, the employees at Panera – am I looking for ways to serve them? In addition, if I claim to support missionaries (in the typical sense of the word) am I supporting them financially, prayerfully and emotionally? Am I giving my time and talents to the local church?

Although in some ways, missions is part of my job, I am still convicted of my lack of intentional missional living. I have not arranged my life so that missions is who I am, not just what I do.

What does missional living look like for you on a daily basis?