Prove it.

Prove it. This might be one of my favorite phrases of all time. If you tell me something my first reaction is to prove you wrong. It is not out of malice or disdain, but I want to understand and challenge what is presented to me. Though this “critical mind,” to put it nicely, is usually a good thing, it can also be a problem.

The German philosopher Nietzsche said, “If you could prove God to me, I would believe Him all the less.” Nietzsche actually makes a brilliant point. Too often we, as Christians, try to “prove God.” We freak out if science seems to contradict scripture. We are devastated when a christian politician fails morally. We get in pointless arguments and worry about the decline of society while we long for the ever evasive good ole days.

Instead, why don’t we take comfort that the Bible teaches truth, God is Truth, and all of creation declares his glory. Science doesn’t contradict God, it points to His brilliance. Christian politicians fail because they are sinners. Paul, the chief of sinners was a murderer, blasphemer and opponent of Christ and yet the grace of God was bestowed upon him and he became an Apostle. I think God is big enough to handle our moral failures as well. Society is simultaneously constantly declining as a result of sin, yet constantly being restored as a result of God’s plan. Why don’t we get excited about being a part of the restoration instead of lamenting the decline? Why aren’t Christians the most excited, hopeful, hard-working, peaceful people?

A god that I can “prove” is a god that I can control. A god that I completely understand is a god who is not smarter than I am. A god that I can prove is not god at all. If you could prove God to me then I would believe him all the less.